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Pursuing your education and career goals can be both exciting & challenging. 

Below are some additional articles & resources on how to navigate school
(K-12 & Higher Education) as well as the career world while LGBTQ+. 


High School Tips


Creating Safe Spaces - The Trevor Project

This is an easy access list of questions other high schoolers have presented about issues they've faced, and how to go about dealing with them. Browsing their site, you can find so many more resources about safe spaces!


Fascinating and easy-to-understand resources for educators wondering about how to make their classroom into a better place for all students.

Colorful Couple

Mental health resources, advocacy information, and your rights as a trans student  bundled into one package.


College Tips

Scholarships and Financial Aid


We have two separate scholarships, one for active members and one for our volunteers. We do our best to provide for every student as best we can, but the awarded amount fluctuates between $250-2500 depending on the number of applicants, donations, and the application itself! Click the link above and scroll on down to the bottom for more qualification information!


Important Dates to Remember

Fall Semester due April 30th  

Spring Semester due October 30th

Fall Semester awards in June

Spring Semester awards in December


Point Foundation provides a yearly scholarship, a personal coach to keep yourself on track, and access to a network of alumni and volunteers! The scholarship is targeted towards community college students dedicated to transferring to a four year school or obtaining an associates degree. Applicants are judged off academic performance and potential, financial need, involvement in their community and goals for the future.


Attend the College Transfer Symposium in August to better understand various topics related to transferring to University, building resumes and navigating financial aid.

Attend three to four virtual meetings with the coach assigned

Submit an update in May/June about the status of your degree and transfer application

Important Dates to Remember

March 1 - May 3rd: Applications Open

Mid May: Semi-finalists notified to submit a video

June: Winners announced

Paying for school, whether it is a University or Trade school, can be especially difficult for LGBTQ+ youth. This site lays out some scholarships for professional and trade schools, as well as neatly discusses information surrounding the process.

If you're considering attending a trade school, we encourage you to look here!


We highly recommend checking out the grants, work study, and scholarship information listed at this site, but the TASFA is an application for Texan students who for one reason or another have been deemed ineligible for federal aid or grants. These funds have been used for college as well as grad school for many throughout the state! Awards are up to $6000 yearly.

Important Dates to Remember

Mid January: Applications and documentation due

October: Applications open

​Additional Information

If you are 23 or under and a dependent of your parents, you'll want income and tax information for them and yourself.

There are questions relating to aid you currently receive from the state.

These are downloaded off the site and submitted directly to the financial aid office of your school.


The FAFSA can seem hard to navigate, but if you take your time and educate yourself, it really is just an easy, albeit lengthy process to get access to federal or state grants and loans. Click here for extra help navigating the FAFSA! Awards depend on the financial constraints of yourself and your household and are disbursed two to three weeks into the semester.

 Important Dates to Remember

January: Applications and documentation due

Additional Information

If you are 23 or under and a dependent of your parents, you'll want income and tax information for them and yourself.

There are questions relating to aid you currently receive from the state.

This is traditionally filled out online and submitted electronically or via mobile for the most expedited process.

 Any LGBTQ+ student pursuing their undergraduate or graduate college degree in a related field can apply to these scholarships from and be offered a $1,000 academic award.’s mission is to make education accessible, and they hope to bring historically underrepresented groups of students access to a quality education with their scholarships.

Important Dates to Remember

May 1st: Applications Due

Additional Information

Applicants should be pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in a field of study related to the scholarship.

Must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent U.S. Resident.

Must be an LGBTQ+ student enrolled (or accepted) in an accredited college or university and planning on continuing the next year.

Graduating high school seniors who meet the above-mentioned criteria may apply.

Must have a minimum of 30 semester or 45 quarter hours still to be completed.

Must consent to provide a digital photograph of self and quote for display on if notified as the award winner by the selection committee.

Scholarship for Transgender Students

Scholarship for LGBTQ+ Students

Scholarship for LGBTQ+ Students in STEM majors


These sites cover a variety of topics ranging from which schools to look at for certain degrees, guides for supportive community building, and outside resources to help you through your new college life! Useful for both teens and college aged students.


Tips on locating a campus community that is both engaging and safe for diverse cultures, religions, and philosophies as well as education about furthering yourself in the legal field, should you decide to head in that direction.

Attentive Therapist

Common issues you'll face as a student in your new community, guidance on what to keep in mind when looking at campus, as well as on and off campus resources for mental health and well being. 


While you should always find a way to include your passions in your career, sometimes you're curious about how your interests intersect with the world. This site is great for seeing the top degrees for LGBTQ+ students to go into when it comes to degrees.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community may face unique mental health challenges during their college years. Use this guide to learn about mental health services and resources for LGBTQ+ college students

Portrait with Megaphone

Facing issues at school? 

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