Name and Gender Marker changes may be done through ANY county in Texas, it does not have to be the county you reside in. Some counties may be more LGBTQ friendly than others - Tarrant county has a reputation for denying applicants, while Bexar and Travis counties are reported to be the most friendly and easy to navigate. It helps to read personal accounts and consult with others who have been through the process recently. If you plan to change both your Name and Gender Marker, it is less expensive and easier to do them at the same time through the same county. Depending on your income, you may be eligible for a court fee waiver.


Texas Name and Gender Marker Change (Facebook group):
You can join for resources & shared experiences.This is a good way to get current information with quick responses. 


National Center for Transgender Equality

National site with documents, laws, and information by state.


Texas Name and Gender Marker Change (Wiki):

Overview of the process in Texas.


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