Our tri-monthly (3x a month) youth meetings combine guest speakers, topical discussions, games, and food! These relaxed and welcoming gatherings are facilitated by a small but mighty group of youth leaders: 

Lisa Earley is a tireless educator with FWISD and

a proud mother of 2 LGBTQ daughters. Lisa is currently using her non-existent free time to pursue a Masters degree in Social Work.




Teresa "Flannery" is a community ally passionate about encouraging & empowering local youth. Her own 4 children are mostly grown so she has adopted this group as her second family. 


Bertie Gardner is an LGBTQ+ advocate who seeks to empower youth through community development.

A past leader of the TSU Gay-Straight Alliance, he seeks to provide encouragement and resources to those seeking safety while pursuing higher education. Bertie has a BS in Communication Studies, with an emphasis in Public Relations and Event Management.


Lala Hines is unapologetically Lesbian and unapologetically Christian. She is living everyday showing everyone she comes into contact with that they deserve love and should be proud of who they are. Lala was a combat medic in the Army during the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” era and understands how hard and horrible it is to have to hide one's true self. She now works in Special Education and loves it. 

Peter Cacho joined the LGBTQ SAVES team in 2019 looking to help younger LGBTQ individuals navigate what can be a difficult time. Peter is passionate when it comes to speaking up and being there for others. He has volunteered for community events throughout his life and now wishes to provide support to LGBTQ Youth.

Mentored by gay activist David Henderson and raised by his grandma the educator Cynthia Loesch, 2019 Scholarship Recipient Alex Loesch seeks to follow in their late footsteps in San Francisco with his partner. Helped as a young teen by LGBTQSAVES, he spent his early twenties giving back as a youth leader to others in similar difficulties. He can't thank Sharon enough and promises to continue his impact across country.

*We love you Alex! Thank you for your selfless dedication to LGBTQ SAVES and best of luck in San Francisco.



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